The Team at Premier Vet Care would like to welcome you to our "Work-Home". Our small Team insures that you know us, and we know you. We hope you enjoy your visit!


Dr Andrew Argyle

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (BVSc )

Dr Andrew Argyle provides optimistic and forward-thinking leadership as our Hospital Director, as well as services the local community as an equine veterinarian through his equine practice Wollondilly Equine.  Dr Andrew never fails to bring a smile to the faces of his staff and clients.  His animal family consists of an array of dogs, cats and horses.

Dr Celia Gaches

Veterinarian (DVM, BS(Ag))

Dr Celia Gaches immigrated to Australia after completing her 7 year university career at Kansas State University in the United States.  After spending the first 5 years of her career as a mixed animal practitioner, she has settled into ther role as small animal and wildlife veterinarian for the Bargo area.  Her special interests as a veterinarian include feline medicine, wildlife medicine, avian and unusual pet medicine, and a variety of medical topics such as behavior management, ophthalmology (eyes), and palliative care.  Dr Celia is an avid client educator and does not believe in "Stupid Questions".  She cares for a dog, 3 cats, a parrot, a small flock of chickens, and two horses.

Sandra Shaw

Veterinary Practice Manager (Veterinary Nursing Cert IV)

Sandra is our beloved nurse, practice manager, and all-around workplace hero. Her commitment to our clients and affection for our patients surpasses any requirement we can make of her, and her long experience in the industry keeps operations running smooth. Her skills also include carriage driving, pug taming and veterinarian wrangling. At home, Sandra cares for a small herd of pugs, two cats, and a horse.

Emma Kelly

Veterinary Nurse (Veterinary Nursing Cert IV)

After completion of her Veterinary Nursing Cert IV, Emma Kelly has joined the team ongoing as a part-time nurse.  She is a strong advocate for our patients, with many years experience with Greyhound Rescue. She is an excellent resource for fine-tuning your dog's behavioural enrichment and always has a new idea to make your pet happier! Emma belongs to her deeply beloved greyhound, Jill.

Emma is pictured with one of her favourite patients, Chloe, whose family has graciously allowed us to use her photograph.

Desiree Cavill

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

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